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  • Hydromassage therapy (hydrotherapy)


    „ Mens sana in corpore sano.“ (lat.) Juvenalis…

    „ A sound mind in a sound body.“

    hydro2Baths are one of the main parts of hydrotherapy. In general, they are characteristic with their mechanic (hydrostatic and upward push works as an elastic bandage lifting the body, eliminating gravitational effects, and supporting vascular and lymphatic circulation) and thermal (depending on the temperature, duration, body size and weight) effects that mobilize the nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory, and immune systems within thermoregulation procedures. The specific chemical effect of a bath depends on the composition of water. Hydrotherapy instruments include hydromassage and whirlpool baths, salt baths, Finnish sauna, Turkish steam bath, Scotch hoses or alternative treading bath.
    Correctly chosen and administered hydrotherapy has the following positive effects:

    • heat management: balancing blood circulation disorders and training the regulation system
    • nervous system: helping the correct functioning of vegetative reflexes and balancing the basic tension between both components of the vegetative nervous system
    • metabolism: supporting regulation processes and release of harmful substances from the human body through the skinhydro
    • blood circulation: improving peripheral blood circulation by a slight reduction of blood pressure and cardiac load
    • skin: improving not only blood circulation, but also nutrition and metabolism of substances in the skin and, at the same time, immune properties of the same in terms of enhancing resistance from infections

    The conventional hydrotherapy includes pearl bath, underwater massage, whole-body whirlpool massage, whirlpool bath of lower extremities, whirlpool bath of upper extremities. Various additives in the baths are used very frequently.