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  • MIHACO s.r.o. entered the market in 2006. We started to deal with the production of whirlpool baths in 2007 when we joined a Chinese company producing whirlpool baths as their partner. We have delivered our know-how, improved the technology, improved the quality of the materials used, and developed our own design which has been still sold with some minor variations http://wellness.mihaco.eu/. Since 2015, we have been registered as the “Slovak Producer” since some of our bathtubs (Ann, Eco, Decent, HYDRA, Temira, Lumin) are produced in the facilities of our company. With regard to the high demand for baths and related accessories, we have decided to open our own e-shop https://www.eshop.mihaco.eu making it easier both for regular clients and new customers to keep track of accessories, news, and prices for products relating both to whirlpool baths and pools.