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    “The ability of music to harmonize and to heal is almost magical. Music is the most efficient non-chemical medicine”

    Hearing is the first sense developed in a human being and the last one dying. untitled1An unborn child responds to sounds as early as in the fourth month of pregnancy and humans can hear both in coma and in unconsciousness. Music, singing, and rhythm were used for healing purposes by shamans, Native Americans, Egyptians, and Chinese.

    Sounds of a meadow, bird singing, creek burbling, noise of sea waves as well as rain drumming can bring humans back to the natural and inborn harmony. When children used to listen to the sounds of nature from their early childhood, they will not be aggressive, their creative thinking will develop, and their sensitivity will improve.2b2f48_e146131d9c344a348278e93f332fcbf6_jpg_srz_940_491_75_22_0_50_1_20_0 Sounds affect both our psyches and our physical bodies. Music is not perceived by our ears only; particular vibrations have also positive effects on our internal organs, endocrine glands, brain centres that will produce more endorphins – happiness hormones and will thus multiply our well-being. Music relaxation is one of the most successful methods of healing stress and various mental and psychosomatic disorders.

    Nowadays, music is composed for therapeutic and relaxation purposes again. If one learns how to perceive music, it will help them get in harmony with their environment and with the sounds listened to every day. Currently, music is offered to us everywhere in the shops, hospitals, radio and TV, during sports events. We cannot avoid music and we even don’t realise how our senses are constantly flooded with sounds and music. Music improves the quality of our lives. It calms us down in stressful situations, creates a well-being atmosphere in a dentist’s outpatient or in the operation theatre. Music is a wonderful gift. It can heal us and calm us down.

    untitledNice relaxation music protects us from disturbing sounds. Sound vibrations in the form of music can heal our bodies, calm down our minds, quieten our emotions, and open our hearts. Let’s listen to it at every place where we are required to be calm and to have a focused mind; let’s start the day with pleasant music, let’s listen to it in the car when travelling to work, in the work, let’s relax at pleasant music after coming home, and let’s do some exercises while listening to pleasant music.

    Monotonous rhythms are very efficient for both the body and mind relaxation. Listening to or even singing monotonous regular rhythms and tunes results in creating harmonic vibrations or even resonances in our bodies. If a part of our body vibrates, it receives a massage from inside. The ancient Sanskritic mantra Om is the most focusing and relaxing word in the world. In the east, such rhythms have been used for thousands of years for body vitalization, enhancing positive intents, and achieving internal calm and peace.