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    A bath you have not experienced ever before, a bath rich in oxygen.


    What does MicroSilk® make a bath like? A totally unique experience! The only difference is the microbubbles. How? The patented MicroSilk® system using billions of small oxygen-enriched microbubbles increases the content of oxygen in water by 70 %. It is all about the bubbles or, to be more specific, about the oxygen-enriched microbubbles. imagesOBP8RN8C

    Such microbubbles with the size of 50 microns or less (the size of a conventional bubble is 2,500 microns) represent a huge breakthrough for the oxygen therapy. A billion of such little wonders really work to enhance and improve your health and, at the same time, improve the vitality of your skin imagesPSU7N7UBSince they are so small, they stay in the water, so you can cover your body with a luxurious oxygen cloud. Such increased oxygen level stimulates your cells, skin, and immune system, kills bacteria, and supports healing. MicroSilk® hydrates and cleans simultaneously. foto oxyBillions of microbubbles will get to the places inaccessible by soap and water as such. Your skin will be luxuriously soft, younger, and more flexible and microbubbles will smooth soft lines and wrinkles.


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