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  • For those who practice regular relaxation, it takes one month to change their energy fields and their auras become stronger; such people are calmer and more cheerful.

    However, if one wants to succeed today, they should – shall work pretty hard. Their successful carrier and demanding job associated with the feeling of self-realization will be compensated at least by fatigue and troubles or, in the worse case, by health problems. Stress is a phenomenon of these days and it is probably unavoidable, but we can limit its impacts on our health and mental well-being – we must know how to relax. In general, relaxation is perceived by most of us as a certain form of rest.bath-relaxation1 However, opinions on the form vary from one person to another – from lying down after a big meal through pleasant feelings in a sauna or in water or sun bath to physically demanding work in a garden or hiking.

    Relaxation is a mental activity aimed at achieving harmony between body, soul, and spirit. The term “relaxation” as such comes from the Middle Ages and its meaning in Old French is: “release the prisoner”.

    Those who perceive relaxation as a purposeful activity aimed at relaxing both muscles and psyche have the most accurate idea of it. Relaxation is a way of speeding up and improving the quality of regeneration of power. For relaxation, one can use warm-up instruments such as warm relaxation pools, saunas, massage, stretching, and both relaxation and psycho-relaxation techniques. Easing with consequent relaxation can be approached in various ways – passively by taking sauna, bath, massage, and so on up to listening to relaxation music.

    The active approach to relaxation is based on the fact that we regulate the level of easing, we don’t fall into apathy and sleep. To achieve that, we should perform the activity of a certain level, indeed, techniques with the training require professional cooperation in this direction or at least a skilled companion. At the higher quality of the active relaxation technique, both the muscle relaxation and mental part of a person’s personality are concerned. They are, indeed, completing and affecting each other.

    Sink in the bath full of enjoyably warm water after a hard day – can you imagine a better way of how to relax and ease yourself? This idea can perhaps be only improved by whirling, streaming, and bubbling of water massaging your whole body in an enjoyable manner. Many of us consider the dreams of hours spent in water full of bubbles more than attractive.

    Staying in water is one of very pleasant and efficient ways of regeneration. Positive impacts are based on the upward push of water, its temperature (optimal value between 37 and 39 °C), and targeted streaming. You will get calmer and more relaxed even when your body sinks into warm water, while the activity of internal organs slows down. Staying in water is also good for your psyche – stress is reduced, and depression and anxiety feelings are mitigated. When relaxing in the water, your brain is releasing endorphins reducing pain, introducing good mood, and having relaxation effects in general. If you want to enjoy your bath, you should not perceive it as practical body cleansing only, but also as a way of how to relax your body and spirit. So first take a shower and then sit into your bath filled with warm water. Narrow your eyes and focus on your bath – enjoy the pleasant warmth of water promoting blood circulation in your skin, bringing relaxation, and washing away accumulated stress. Warm-water massage will rid you of physical and mental stress and pain. If you want to get perfectly relaxed, you can lounge in the bath for as long as half an hour. The water temperature should be about 38 °C or a bit more if you still enjoy it (maximum 40 °C). svijet-sauna-whirlpool From both the psychological and physiological points of view, relaxation is very important when one has to be focused on certain performance. The ability to relax and recover strengths means having a certain advantage against your competitors or simply being able to cope with fatigue and to handle the planned work. If you are relaxed enough it is more difficult to irritate you, you are more tolerating, you can bear more frustration, you can find solutions even in conflict situations, and you are more resistant from stress. For those people who practice regular relaxation, it takes one month to change their energy fields and their auras become stronger; such people are calmer and more cheerful.