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    „The smells that can evoke relaxation are so dominant and pleasant in the plants that no pills from a drug store can compete with them.“ John Gerarde..

    The sense of smell is one of the most evoking senses. aroma3 Smells can evoke various emotions and memories very efficiently. We react to smells rather emotionally than intellectually. Everybody can say immediately if they like a certain smell or not. We probably use our noses more frequently than we can realise. Smells contain messages and affect us very gently despite the fact that, sometimes, we even don’t know that we smell something. Each of us is a unique message, that means a unique “drug” will only be sufficient for each of us..


    So, for a given person, we must choose such a “treatment” that will compensate their shortages and develop their talents.

    Smells act at every level. They can mitigate physical symptoms immediately and, at the same time, they will also affect the emotional and mental levels. During the inhalation, smells penetrate through our noses to the bridge of the internal nose, which is lined with a thin layer of mucosa. A very soft hair grow through the mucosa to create a little layer of smell nervous cells, so the sense of smell is unique just by the direct interaction between a neuron and the stimulation centre. The other end of every neuron leads directly to the smell centre in the brain. So, smell stimulations can evoke an immediate and direct response of the nervous system. People and plants are kept alive by the same stamina, so they live in harmony.


    Smells are used for healing or calming the mind. They are also very suitable for improving sensuality and evoking pleasant feelings or optimism or for stimulating mental consciousness. Aromatherapy products have beautiful smells with immediate effects. They can be prepared and used for every specific person, since each of us is a unique message, that means a unique drug will only be sufficient for treatment. Therefore, we must seek aromatic substances suitable for the person to be healed so as to compensate their shortages and develop their talents. And aromatherapy enables us to do so. So, natural products shall be used for the treatment only.

    Emotional level
    Physical level
    Pine tree
    Pine tree
    helps concentrate, recovers self-confidence, and rids of pessimism.At flu, pneumonia, asthma, cold, rheumatic pain, fat and dirty skin
    Eliminates feelings of panic and hysteria, shyness, unease, aloofness, hypersensitiveness, calms downHeadaches, migraines, flu, insomnia, sore throat, increases blood pressure significantly, extensive healing effects, repellent
    Gives the feeling of well-being, brings sweet mild peace, warmth to the soul after despair and emotional harm, restores the faith to love again, aphrodisiacAt insomnia, headaches, mitigates fever, at nausea, supports menstruation, blood circulation, cleans the blood, makes a birth less painful

    Aromatherapy bath:
    Calms down our nerves and mitigates muscle pains. It is a method of how to achieve maximum relaxation. It is particularly suitable for nervous and tense persons and for mental or physical fatigue. It works well also at insomnia or as a perfect relaxation before erotic games. Relax in the bath for at least 10 to 20 minutes.