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    When the light heals – sink into the world of colours…

    During the current hurried days when we’re trying to find some time, privacy, and peace just for ourselves, it is worth it to mix business with pleasure. kvetOther things than music or smells can affect us in a positive and relaxed way too. The same can also be told about the light and colours. Enjoy a non-demanding and very pleasant relaxation – chromotherapy – which will help you forget the all-day rush. Chromotherapy is an alternative method of treatment used for harmonizing one’s body and spirit by the light and colours. It enhances the resistance of the organism in general, mitigates stress, and evokes feelings of peace.

    Colours affect both our psyches and concentration abilities quite a bit, indeed. And, as we know, our psyches then affect our physical health conditions, so chromotherapy literally heals both our bodies and our minds. The light and colours have extensive impacts on us, they “colour” our mood and stamina.

    kamienkyThey affect our perception of temperature and time, our concentration ability, and our general mental situation which is in close relation to our physical parts. The point is to create harmony between our souls and bodies with the use of colour lights. Chromotherapy also calms down our emotions.

    Even the ancient Chinese, Greeks, and Egyptians were familiar with chromotherapy. teloThey considered colour tones the divine strength necessary for keeping internal stamina inside the body. It was a synonym for health once. Our predecessors also believed that every organ in the human body is associated with a certain colour and they used chromotherapy for its positive effects on various health problems.

    chrom farbyThe system of lights is built in the whirlpool bath directly. The system is based on the effects of the colour lights of certain wavelengths created in the whirlpool bath by LED diodes. The colours and effects of the lights can be programmed. Some devices only include basic colours, other ones include the whole spectrum of colours.

    Effects of particular colours

    Blue – brings relaxation and calm, it has positive effects on sleep disorders, concentration ability, reduces headaches and heals sore throat, calms down, puts us to sleep, rejuvenates the skin, reduces appetite, helps for example at headaches, asthma, and inflammatory diseases.

    Green – perfect choice against neuroses, inflammations, positive effects at depressions, stress, fatigue, insomnia, calms down, harmonizes thoughts, heals, has positive effects on body detoxification.

    Red – radiates warmth, adds energy, improves the feeling of safety and self-confidence, promotes blood circulation, speeds up metabolism, eliminates depressions, helps reduce blood pressure, arouses passion, creates both the mental and physical well-being, positive effects for example at anaemia and chronic cough.

    Yellow – removes toxins, helps at cellulite, creates the feeling of safety in one’s soul, puts in a positive mood, enhances the nervous system, stimulates the appetite for learning and intellect, supports memory, ambition, and endurance, helps at self-control.

    farbyWhite – controls many physiological and mental processes of humans, adds energy, replaces natural light, helps with the creation of serotonin, reduces stress, heart and respiration rate, and blood pressure, and works as a starting system for all physiological functions of our bodies in general.

    Violet – increases stamina, improves neurological complications, acts at the diseases of the lymphatic system, has positive effects on stress and nerves, reduces cellulite, helps at healing the injuries

    Orange – prevents depressions, stimulates and improves the mood, adds energy and positive mood, stimulates blood circulation, helps at metabolism processes, acts at the lost appetite, anaemia, anorexia, helps at the correct mental development.

    Colours of the rainbow – the optical phenomenon understood as a good sign signalling the end of a storm evokes optimism and has positive effects on our mental and physical conditions.